Support us

Drama class
Muluken teaching drama to the young children, 2014

Bruh Tesfa is a non-profit centre entirely reliant on the support of individuals and funding organisations to continue being a beacon of hope in the lives of Adigrat’s young people. We have changed countless lives since 2006, not only those of the people we have directly assisted, but also those of their families and communities. By placing the young people first, we believe that we are investing in the future of this beautiful country.

There are many ways in which you can help us continue to support Adigrat’s youths.


Football training
Football training, 2016

Obviously, running our many projects and activities, both educational and recreational, costs money. Any financial support you can give us would be gratefully appreciated.

However, donations of equipment and materials are also very welcome. These include sports kit and equipment, clothes and stationery for our hostel students, books for our library, IT equipment for our computer room.

Please send us an email if you feel you can help in any way!


Cultures meeting!

We welcome volunteers with joy, particularly if you want to come and teach. Alternatively, if you are unable to visit at this time but have a skill that might be able to assist us even from home, please get in touch!

Volunteer at Bruh Tesfa, 2014