Farming near Adigrat
Farming near Adigrat, 2016

Adigrat and the area around it consist mainly of farming communities. The environment and the weather is important here. Unfortunately climate change means that the people who have least contributed to it are the ones who are suffering from it the most, with rainy seasons becoming irregular and bringing insufficient rain.

We believe that our education programme should also teach our children about the challenges that global warming will bring. They are the ones who will have to live with it and come up with strategies to cope with it.

World Environment Day
Workshop in a local school for World Environment Day, 2016

Hand in hand with this comes a desire to teach the young people of Adigrat to respect and care for their environment. We have set up a Green Club, which currently works with 17 schools in Adigrat, distributing seeds, installing bins and raising awareness of the beauty but also fragility of the landscape around us.

Our stunning compound, with its many flowers and plants, is not only a haven of peace but also an example to those who pass through our doors. We actively encourage our young people to take ownership of the compound and become involved in looking after it.