We believe that education is key to the development of our society. One of our main goals, therefore, is to support the young people of Adigrat as they acquire the skills and knowledge they need to lift themselves out of poverty and contribute positively to their community.

English class
English class, 2014

School sizes throughout Ethiopia are incredibly large, with up to 50 students in a class. This means that despite the efforts of the many wonderful teachers, pupils cannot get the attention they may need. We therefore run extracurricular classes and one-to-one tutorials in English, Maths and Physics to try to make up for this.

Computer class graduation
Graduation of our computer class, 2016

In today’s connected world, knowledge of and access to computers is essential. However, children sit up to ten to a computer at school and having a computer at home is almost unheard of. We therefore have a computer room and run regular classes in IT to ensure that students are as prepared as possible for university and work life.

The Bruh Tesfa library

Often all students need is a desk and a quiet space to study, away from the hustle and bustle of their homes. We therefore have a large library where children can do their homework and access the wide range of text books on our shelves.

2013 university graduates
Some of our sponsored students, who graduated from university, 2013

We firmly believe that education is the only way to break the cycle of poverty and ensure a bright future not just for this generation, but generations to come. However, it is the very poorest students who are most often unable to complete secondary school. We therefore set aside funds each year to ensure that these children continue to go to school and then on to university, helping them to overcome some of the very many challenges that they face.

2016 university graduates