English class, Summer 2014
English class, Summer 2014

Bruh Tesfa is a youth and social centre based in Adigrat, in the Tigray region of northern Ethiopia. Although operated by the Missionaries of Africa with the support of the Catholic Diocese of Adigrat, we are a multi-faith centre and work hand in hand with the predominantly Orthodox Christian population, local religious leaders and civil and education authorities.

In Tigrinya, Bruh Tesfa means ‘bright hope’ and we aim to be exactly that to the young people in our area: supporting them as they try to achieve their potential in sometimes difficult circumstances and try to transform not only their lives but also those of their families and communities.

Girls' Hostel intake, 2015/16
Girls’ Hostel intake, 2015/16

We strongly believe that it is education that will empower the most disadvantaged members of our society to combat the ignorance and poverty that binds them; and that by removing as many of the obstacles to education as possible, especially amongst girls, we will be able to uplift this generation and future generations out of poverty.

We aim to provide a beautiful space where children can develop holistically in an atmosphere of friendship, peace and joy into responsible and conscientious adults who will contribute positively to Ethiopia’s continuing development.

Children at Bruh Tesfa